Unemployment Insurance (UI) 101
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Unemployment Insurance (UI) 101

What Minnesota employers need to know

This dynamic seminar will give you clear answers to your toughest questions. You’ll learn the best practices on how to manage unemployment issues in your workplace and gain the knowledge you need to deal with unemployment issues quickly and decisively. The presenters will explain how your Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax rates are determined, how an applicant’s benefits eligibility can affect your business, what you can do to prevent unnecessary charges to your UI account and much, much more.

You will learn

  • The most important new unemployment legislation and how it could affect your workplace.
  • Step-by-step instructions for using the Employer Online Self-Service System and why you need to know how it functions.
  • They’ve been bad; you must be good: important follow-up you must do once you’ve dismissed a problem worker (you’ll win more dismissal decisions with the information presented!).
  • How detailed, accurate documentation can save your company money in the long run.
  • The costly mistakes managers make when they file an unemployment appeal or raise an issue and how to avoid them.
  • Covered versus non-covered unemployment: Who’s in, who’s out and why?
  • Tips to help you avoid common mistakes in submitting quarterly wage detail reports.
  • Are my Independent Contractors really independent?
  • Do family members working in my business need coverage?

Who should attend

Human resource professionals, business owners and managers, attorneys, accountants, consultants and others who are interested in learning about their rights and responsibilities under the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law. This seminar is designed to satisfy the needs of the relatively inexperienced HR employee, the veteran staffer who wants to brush up on some critical knowledge, or the business owner who simply wants more information about UI regulations.

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