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Training Programs

Communication Skills

Find the broadest selection and best outcomes in communication skills programs from Customized Training & Consulting. Hundreds of organizations have hired us to educate, re-train, and update their communication skills for the diverse and complex world in which they operate.

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Customer Service

In the quest for quality of customer service, an organization can truly excel. Customized Training & Consulting has succeeded in delivering programs that make a difference in customer service for virtually every type of organization that deals with clients or customers.

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Entrepreneurial Development

More and more people are starting their own businesses or have started up a business. A unique set of skills and understanding can provide the underpinning for success in all aspects of the entrepreneurial enterprise. Customized Training & Consulting delivers training programs or consulting services that make a difference.

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Organizations everywhere face many challenges that were not apparent a few years ago. Developing leaders throughout the organization, not just at the top levels, is one critical move to meet this twenty-first century challenge. Customized Training & Consulting offers a wide range of leadership training programs to help organizations grow and succeed.

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Lean-Flow Programs

Manufacturing firms, healthcare organizations, and general office services are quickly learning how Lean-Flow process implementation improves efficiency and overall bottom-line performance. Customized Training & Consulting is at the forefront of the Lean-Flow movement with a wide range of programs designed for specific industries. We offer workshops and training, tailored assessments, coaching, implementation sessions, and certification. Our expert consultants are highly versed in proven Lean-Flow technologies such as six-Sigma, time-based management, cellular flow, and more.

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Manufacturing Technology Processes

Participants receive applied, hands-on and contextual training suitable for all learners at all levels. Customized Training & Consulting staff is up to speed on the newest equipment, technology and industry best practices. We deliver CNC programming and machine tool processes, the latest updates in NEC compliance issues, NFPA70 updates and “education for employment” programs. Many programs are completely customized for an individual organization.

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Software Training

Individuals and organizations receive start-up through proficiency training on computer and information systems skills. Our offerings cover everything from basic disk operating system training through the administration of networked systems.

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Supervisory / Management

Customized Training & Consulting sponsors a large group of practical courses and skills workshops for supervisors and managers. Our instructors and consultants have offered training to employees, frontline people, leaders in many fields, including technology, manufacturing, health care, education, human services, and more.

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Workplace Skills

Employees help make the critical difference for an organization’s sustainable survival and success. Whether your bottom line is measured in dollars or customers or services or some other objective goal, you need to achieve it with the right people in the right jobs doing the right things. Customized Training & Consulting offers several jobs skills programs to maximize performance and productivity.

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