Lean-Flow for Manufacturing
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Lean-Flow for Manufacturing

Lean-Flow Basics for Manufacturing

What you will learn

You will learn the nine wastes in manufacturing, how to apply standardized work, workplace organization, visual controls, set-up reduction, batch size reduction, point-of use storage, quality at the source, workforce practices, and pull systems to eliminate these wastes.

Benefits of Lean-Flow for Manufacturers

  • Reduce manufacturing cycle times
  • Improve on-time shipments
  • Reduce work-in-process inventory level
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce floor space

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Lean-Flow Certification for Manufacturing

We chose the certification approach to Lean-Flow training because it gives both the quickest impact on the bottom line and greatest long-term payoff through increased capacity. Certification allows you to groom key individuals in your organization as in-house Lean-Flow experts.

Our program offers specialized instruction for both the production and service environments and provides workshops and events that directly target your relevant issues. This full week course offers five courses below.

  • Lean-Flow Basics
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Creating Flow I
  • Creating Flow II
  • 5S Visual Workplace

Lean-Flow Certification courses are offered on demand throughout the year. Check latest dates.

Course Information

See more detailed information concerning the Lean-Flow Certification courses.

The Lean-Flow Certification for Manufacturing Brochure contains more information.

Lean-Flow Certification Registration

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Lean-Flow for Manufacturing Success:

MyTana Manufacturing: Successful Lean Flow Implementation

Mytana Manufacturing LogoMyTana Manufacturing is a full line, factory direct manufacturer of sewer cleaning and inspection/locating equipment. Working with Customized Training & Consulting, MyTana Manufacturing applied Lean-Flow principles to their business, and as a result they greatly improved their effectiveness:

     "Mytana's goal was to reduce the amount of space required for manufacturing operations. Also, we wanted to simplify the operations and reduce language barriers by using a more visual system and implementation project. Several of our people went through training in Lean-Flow. The outcomes were impressive:

  • Reduced our investment in inventory significantly by increasing inventory turns
  • Grew sales over 15% in two years while inventory investment went up by less than 4% without any degradation in our delivery
  • Reduced manpower required for physical inventory
  • Less downtime in the shop
  • Inventory space requirements have remained constant

By employing and implementing Lean-Flow inventory organization principles, we have streamlined our inventory handling and accomplished our goal.”

  Jock Donaldson, President, MyTana Manufacturing Co., St. Paul

Before Lean-Flow

 Before Lean-Flow

After Lean-Flow.

After Lean-Flow.
An example of the 5-S workspace.

Before Lean-Flow

Before Lean-Flow

Workstation after Lean-Flow.

Workstation after Lean-Flow.  
An example of the 5-S workspace. 

Designing a new Lean-Flow process.

Before Lean-Flow 

Inventory after Lean-Flow. This pull kanban system decreased MyTana's yearly inventory time by 1400%.

Inventory after Lean-Flow. This pull kanban system decreased MyTana's yearly inventory time by 1400%.

Example of a pull kanban system

Example of a pull kanban system

Bob Kottke, Inventory Control Manager & Jock Donaldson, President

Bob Kottke, Inventory Control Manager & Jock Donaldson, President


Lean-Flow for Manufacturing example:

Gopher Resource Corporation

Website: http://www.gopherresource.com/

Located in Eagan, Minnesota and in operation since 1946, Gopher Resource Corporation has taken a potential environmental liability; lead-bearing materials such as spent vehicle and industrial lead-acid batteries, and transformed it into a valuable, reusable resource that ultimately benefits everyone.

Before Lean-Flow

Lean-Flow Basics Workshop on site at Gopher Resource Corporation

Before Lean-Flow

Instructor Lloyd Peterson is pointing out how to fill-out the paperwork correctly during simulation at Gopher Resource Corporation.

Before Lean-Flow

Everyone is getting ready to do their job when the command to “start” is given At Gopher Resource Corp.

Before Lean-Flow

Mark Fandrey, Operations Manager, smiles as he works putting wings together during workshop at Gopher Resources Corporation.

Before Lean-Flow

Inventory specialist make ready for simulation workshop at Gopher Resource Corporation.

Before Lean-Flow

Double checking to make sure everything is correct (Gopher Resource Corporation)

Before Lean-Flow

Who says you’re too old to play with Lego’s? (Gopher Resource Corporation)


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