Dietary Manager Credentialing Exam Review Course
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Dietary Manager Credentialing Exam Review Course


The Dietary Manager Credentialing Exam Review course (HHEA 1333) prepares students to take the Dietary Manager Credentialing Exam administered by the Dietary Manager’s Association. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they meet the Dietary Manager Association Exam Requirements (listed at the bottom of this page).

Areas covered in this course include:

  • Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy:
    Gathering and applying data and the relationship to food service
  • Management of Food service, Food Production and Financial Management of Business Operations
  • Human Resource Management:
    Developing personnel, hiring, supervising, developing external relations, and communications
  • Sanitation and Safety:
    Includes food production, receiving and storage
Course Requirements & Details
  • Course Title: Dietary Manager Credentialing Exam
  • Course #: HHEA 1333
  • Taught in five 4-hour segments
  • Students must attend all five segments
  • Non-Credit Hours: 20.0
Registration Procedures

This Dietary Manager’s Credentialing Exam Review course has specific registration and payment procedures. DO NOT follow the regular application and registration process for other programs.

Dietary Manager Association Exam Requirements

The Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) and Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP) credentialing exam is a nationally recognized credentialing exam and is conducted by ACT, Inc. a nationally recognized professional testing service.

  • Student must meet one of 4 pathways of eligibility according to the Dietary Manager Association,
  • Questions regarding eligibility to take the credentialing examination should be directed to the Dietary Manager Association at 1.800.323.1908
  • To obtain forms, go to, select Credentialing Exam.
  • Credentialing Exam is offered twice a year. Schedule is posted at  
  • Dates of the exam and deadline for application submission is found at  

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